Hello World!

Welcome to Canny Robots. We’re a small hardware startup intent on making many awesome robots-related hardware (and the software the goes with it, don’t worry, we won’t leave you stranded with cool but functionless stuff). We’re interested in all kinds of robots, from desktop CNC machines to full-size humanoid robots, and everything in between.

For now, we’re focusing on making a compact and versatile 3D printer. It will use interchangeable toolheads, making its uses only limited by the imagination and capabilities of the maker community. The current plan is to utilise open source firmware (most probably Marlin) and an embedded RaspberryPi running the awesome OctoPrint to power the printer. We’ll also release all the design files and code so anyone can make their own toolheads.

We have many more ideas for the future. If you want to know more follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and feel free to drop us a tweet or an email whenever you like.

One last thing we want to say today. Because we learned so much from the open source maker community, we have every intention to remain open source forever. Everything we make will be open source.

See you soon!

Written by Mo


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