Author: Mo

stepZeroR2 and stepZeroExpR2 redesigned and PCBs ordered

After nearly a month between trying to understand Marlin and working on setpZero, I finally finished modifying stepZero and stepZeroExp and ordered the PCBs today, ETA 2 weeks. Hopefully, I didn’t make any mistakes -_- The first revision had a couple of minor problems: I accidentally connected the RPi UART to the ATmega1284p UART1 instead of UART0, which was […]

Hello World!

Welcome to Canny Robots. We’re a small hardware startup intent on making many awesome robots-related hardware (and the software the goes with it, don’t worry, we won’t leave you stranded with cool but functionless stuff). We’re interested in all kinds of robots, from desktop CNC machines to full-size humanoid robots, and everything in between. For […]